Merry Christmas Fruitsters!

Bulk_Bogan Event-M posted Dec 25, 17

The Fruit Servers staff wish you all a Merry Christmas, and happy New Year!  We hope you enjoy your celebrations and take the time of day to cherish your family and friends and enjoy your time with us as well.

Donating Statistics

Survival Skyblock
Player Count: 1,433 Player Count:9,702
Currently 1011% of the monthly goal Currently 291% of the monthly goal
Top Monthly Donator: Offl1ne Top Monthly Donator: spleggeti

Beyond the Bowl

We're about to finish getting through the busiest part of the year, so thank you all for putting up with the little hiccups and issues we might have, but we have a few little housekeeping details.

  • Survival Lag Issue: The staff are trying to sort this out ASAP.  We apologise for the inconveniences and hope it can be fixed soon.  Unfortunately due to this some features may be limited until it is fixed
  • Trails are moving to a new plugin!  Instead of using a confusing to remember /pp just use /trails!  This should be available from Christmas morning onwards
  • The Christmas Crafting Competition is a go!  Get crafting because you only have until December 29 to get on the leaderboard to win the Ornata Chroma Membrane Mechanical Gaming Keyboard!  Good luck fruitsters

As well as this, our staff have been busy and been keeping up a great job throughout a busy period, in light of this, congratulations Naneek_Mot!  They have been promoted to Mod+ on Skyblockfor their hard work, be sure to give your congratulations.  Along with this we've unfortunately lost our sauce, Bigsauce_ has stepped down from the moderator role on Skyblock, we wish them the best.

As always the staff bust booty (both dancing and hard work) which means you must leave a comment to get Goldsta to dance some more we're still after more staff, if you think you're the right person for the role and are dedicated to the server, head on over to the staff page and apply apply apply!  All roles are open, Builder, Event-Coordinator and Moderator.  Good luck applicants.


It was a massive event this week!  Fruit is out of the diapers and enrolled in pre-school, Fruit Servers just turned 3.  In no time we'll be in primary school learning our ABCs.  Please drive safely near pre-schools so we can keep Fruit Servers safe and healthy.  To celebrate this milestone both Survival and Skyblock held an event

Survival: We started with a great entry from H1N9 who came on stage to receieve his gifts from players before starting a brand new event, Storage Wars.  It was a great time!




Penglebells, Everyspirit204, testing32123, steveyban, laconical











Skyblock: Hide and Seek was up for Skyblock, a great event to celebrate.  Unfortunately I was working on Storage Wars on survival so I couldn't attend but I've heard it was good fun, thank you Skyblock staff for the wonderful time!


XNybx found Wittyquip

xWizzelx found TashaRashVest

Xnybx found Andrewx_

DaPag found lilshortyrae

DaPad found Vandareth

As the event bogan/co-ordinator I need my weekly soap box.  I'd like to thank you all for being so kind and welcoming to me in my new role as I'm still getting my bearings with everything.  You've made events a wonderful time for me, and as the Event-Coordinator I would like to improve them and make them an even more wonderful time for you.  So please, if you're interested in giving me any feedback, suggestions or new event ideas message me in-game, on the website or just talk to me in game/discord.  I have big plans in store and some interesting new things to spice up old events, I hope you look forward to a great event schedule in January!

Selfie of the Week

To quickly and easily win a token, why not enter in the selfie of the week competition, the fruit staff love to see what you rascals can get up to and know you love sharing your good times, all you need to do is take a selfie and upload it to the selfie of the week forum thread to be in with a chance to win!

Survival: Coggo

Skyblock: No Entry
















Thank you all for reading another one of my one sided gossip sessions.  I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year.  I hope your Christmas is filled with great presents, friends, family and a good time.  I am sending my love and Christmas spirit to you all.  I'm all Christmas'd out after working 30-40 hour weeks in retail with Christmas carols for 3 weeks, so I apologise for my jaded opinions of Christmas.  I'll let you all be now to enjoy your Christmas cheer and Santa's gifts.

Auri_Borealis ModLEMON excellent post bulk, merry christmas
BigSauce_ Fruit-Zephyr Rip Sauce :(
Brekkie LEMON If I don't see papa gik break a sik move soon I'm gonna get a n g s t y

Fruitmas Approaches...

Bulk_Bogan Event-M posted Dec 17, 17

It's almost Christmas time!  Everyone's been extremely busy and it's been a long time since we've had a weekly update, so we've got lots to discuss, without further adieu here we go.

Donating Statistics

Survival Skyblock
Player Count: 580 Player Count: 9361
Currently 376% of the monthly goal Currently 95% of the monthly goal
Current top monthly Donator: Offl1ne Current top monthly Donator: MEMELORD_

Beyond the Bowl

December has being a busy busy month and there's lots to talk about, so hold your horses!  We've had a map reset on survival which I'm sure everyone's settled down from by now!  Be sure to thank the staff team for helping you out and giving you the best experience with a bunch of shiny new changes.  Along with this we've had a few little things going down such as that hint at Fruit Prison and a lot more coming from the fruit gods, I hope you're all looking forward to a fantastic Christmas outside the events we've been running.

Staff Changes:

In survival we've had a loud hiss of not a creeper, but the return of Event-Coordinator, being myself, Bulk Bogan.  Along with this, the last of our huge trial-mod intake, Auri_Borealis, has been promoted to Moderator.

Be sure to give a huge congratulations to Rae who's been promoted to Admin on Skyblock, with their continuous hard work within the community!

All the staff put in a huge effort daily on Fruit Servers, if you believe you have the time and ability to help the server and community out, feel free to pop on down to the staff section of the Fruit Servers website and apply for builder, moderator or, the new role of Event-Coordinator.  


This could end up being a lengthy list of events we've had thanks to the hard working staff, I hope you can all live through it, because I'm reporting on it .


It all started on the first day of the month, with a Christmas drop party where everyone was a winner!  Getting great gifts and having a great time, thank you to all those who came.  We also opened up the Advent Calendar in which all you good fruitsters got free gifts instead of boring old chocolate, fear not, the advent calendar will make a return with a small window to collect the gifts from earlier in the month.  The other little event we'll continue to run over Christmas is Find the Elf!  A cheeky little elf was hidden throughout the day by Lizehh or myself and the fastest fruitsters got hunting to find these pesky creatures in return for a prize.

Christmas Boat Race

On the Wednesday several Fruitsters got soaked from some boat shenanigans, congratulations to the winners!

Round 1 PengleBells
Round 2 FatlessMoon
Round 3 Static58
Round 4 Le_Commandant
Round 5 Glacie
Staff Round xx_Jamtin_xx

Christmas Bingo

On Friday we got to relax for once during the Christmas period with some bingo, congratulations to:

Round 1 Happy_Tree
Round 2 Xaanthe
Round 3 Auri_Borealis
Round 4 ivyxo


Boy have the staff on skyblock been busy!  One event every day, that's impressive, be sure to thank them for that hard work, it's not easy to have that sort of stuff prepared for everyone.

They started their 7 days of Fruitmas with a classic, spleef!  Congratulations to the following winners: Synxi (2 times!!!), Snowyman28, Kezzedy, TashaRashVest and finally Brad____ who won a whopping 3 times in a row!

The skyblock team continued this run with Blockmine, with 2 winners, FatlessMoon and pyropands1

Tuesday saw Thunderdome, a fruit favourite, once again, well done to: bipplane, FatlessMoon and ThexMoonxBear!

Mob Accio was next, a Harry Potter themed game, congratulations to Joodicate and Sweeterthansugar for the first two rounds, and Ozbogan and Alex_the_kid for winning the third round!

A boat race was next up, the fastest boat racers are: ItzJamies, DaPag, Cayman_ and __Jenna, well done, your arms must be tired from that rowing.

Rainbow Road followed it up, well done to: Tankadrouid, MadamMistletoe and GodfreyJr.

That same day some Thunderdome was held too, the survivors were, GodfreyJr, MadamMistletoe and TheSpoopyBushes.

To round the hectic events was Christmas Craft, congratulations to Team Yellow!  They consisted of Shillydino, SkpePolaris and emoji_cat.

Furthermore as the new Event-Coordinator I can say there is a lot in store for our holiday and new year season, with some great new content prepared, and some great new plans.  I'm all ears for all your ideas, suggestions and feedback, in fact I would love all of your ideas as that's how we get the ball rolling and create new great content for you all, feel free to message me, slide into the DMs or whatever kids these days do to communicate.  I hope to come back to you all soon with some fantastic new events and entertainment for you all to liven up the world of Fruit Servers.

Selfie of the Week

It's back baby!  Or well, I've got nothing better with my life to do, so I've gotta scroll through those terrible terrific selfies you've all been taking!  Keep posting them and I'll be watching out for the best ones, simply upload yours selfie and the best one will be featured here and you win, that's right, A TOKEN!


There was no selfie in the past week from Skyblock, so please keep those coming in guys!



Reeke OCE_Supernova
Jackal_Bites redquartz
Auri_Borealis emoegg
Melodrama NathanielBeans
Tiki Brandon


RoseTheLegend blakeboy1378
emoji_cat AlexJA126
DaPag pyropanda1
FatlessMoon ElectroShock_
Giggles22031 swifter1

Thank you fruitsters for reading my first weekly post and I hope you enjoyed it, I've been a bit inactive over the past bit because of my internet being spotty, so I apologise I haven't been able to enjoy the new map with you all.  Be sure to keep up with all the latest from the Fruit Gods and staff, and keep up the Christmas spirit as a certain Bulk_Clause is still checking if you've been naughty or nice.  Give the best gifts to your family, your friends (and me please).  Enjoy your holidays those at school and who get time off work.

ProfessoRJ13 APPLE Settled down!? Are you kidding?? I haven the even found a diamond yet! XD
Brekkie LEMON gee whiz, a lot has happened!!
WittyQuip AdminAPPLE Lovely post, hope everyone enjoyed the events and are looking forward to whats to come :d

Sing along with me!

H1N9 OWNER posted Dec 11, 17

WHEN? FRIDAY at 10AM AEST (H1 wants his sleepins)

WHY? Fresh start time! There is limited areas on the map for new players to build and underneath the ground looks like an ant hill

WHAT DO I GET TO KEEP? Nothing except for your ranks and associated perks. (Spike can also keep his fancy pants)


CAN I CLAIM SPAWNERS IN THE NEW MAP? Yes. Spawner claims will be open in the new map as always, more info will be released at a later date.

CAN WE GET ANY SUPER JUICY PREVIEWS? No. But the builders have built an amazing new spawn.

WILL THERE BE SHINY NEW THINGS? Yes, all good things come to those who wait. Although new development recently has mainly been prison and then the recent skyblock update.

CAN I GET A BUILD TRANSFER? Yes, just send me a pm via the website.

MasterofSmiles Oi H1N9 will there be another reset after the Aquatic update?! If so When? ;P
MagicMage84 Looking forward to seeing this new map, shame it won't come with the aquatic update though... I can't wait to ...
captgine6 are mcmmo stats being wiped as well ?
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